Hello and Welcome to Golden Age Healings and our little corner of the world wide web. Our website and healing practice offers people a chance to transform their lives through the many healing modalities as well through the courses and workshops that we offer. 

Though Daniel provides healing through the shamanic modalities, Golden Age Healings also offers Meditation and Yoga classes, Counselling and Rebirthing as alternative services.

As Daniel is an international teacher of Shamanism and a Shamanic practitioner, most of the healing techniques are shamanic in nature…

What is Shamanism?

Shamanism is one of humankind’s oldest and perhaps original form of spirituality. It is not a religion, and has been practiced by peoples of many religions, from Christianity, to Judaism, to Hinduism. You will find shamanic practitioners of every faith.

Shamanism is more of a way of life, a path of direct revelation to gain spiritual knowledge through the direct interaction with compassionate spirit helpers via intrinsic shamanic techniques like the flight of the soul.

Shamans believe in the interconnectedness of all around including nature and the spirit world. As a healing practice shamanism is very powerful, as the healing is tailored to the individual.

Unlike western medicine that seeks to find a cure for many, the shaman provides unique treatment, which holistically addresses what a person needs at this time.

Though this is a brief outline, as the scope of shamanism is too great to cover in this space. Shamanism is a spiritual practice that really is about feeling connected to our fellow beings and returning full wholeness and power to each individual.