About Daniel

About Me

My name is Daniel Raccani and I am an Australian Shamanic practitioner, albeit with a very complex multicultural ancestral lineage ranging from Indian, Irish, German, Polish and Italian backgrounds. This ancestry though being somewhat difficult to live with growing up in Western Sydney is only now something I’ve come to truly appreciate as I understand the power and gifts that have come with such a unique mix of backgrounds.

You see I received my first initiatory experience into the world of spirit at the age of 22 months when during a convulsion I clinically died. It was from this time that I was called to from the world of spirit as they would take me each night on various soul flights and I’d often explore the lands of the dead and watch the newly dead either cross over into the light or stumble around lost and confused.

It was here I would show lost souls how to move into the light and it is only today after my training I’ve come to understand that the word for this type of work is pyschopomp. During these explorative journeys I was given insights into energy, souls, life, death and dying.

Though I was born into a very spiritual family of clairvoyants and healers these abilities like many in the west were not recognized and to be perfectly honest they actually frightened me as I grew older. So like many I enjoyed my connection to nature and hid that part of me away for many more years.

It wasn’t until I received another call from the spirit world, in the form of a life crisis and a near death experience in my late 20’s that would change the course and direction of my life.

It was during this incident I was asked  by spirit to walk the sacred path of a wounded healer. Upon agreeing, the spirit of my true self and my spirit guides healed me from my paralysis and opened me up to the dormant  psychic and healing abilities that I had all my life.

I then embarked on a pilgrimage to my father’s homelands of India where I had many teachings from Sadhus, Sufi Mystics and Yogis before studying under Buddhist Lama Chamtrul Rinpoche at the Zilcon Kagyeling Nyingma Monastery in McCleodganji. Here is where I learnt various meditation techniques and dharma teachings.

I was also fortunate enough to be in the presence of His Holiness the Dalai Lama for his teachings at his monestry in Dharamsala. I was a day away from becoming a monk, when a vision of me as a shaman with a drum, enlightened me to the fact the path of a Lama was not for me.

Upon returning to Australia, I have studied at the International Institute for Sacred Theatre, Creativity Psychotherapy, Spiritual Psychology and Antara Yoga and Meditation under the guidance of a internationally renown Spiritual Healer and clinical psychologist Stephanie Hurst.

I was then guided and initiated into earth bound spiritualism in the form of Shamanism, where I’ve had numerous teachers like Dr.Steve Serr  Phd who have taught me a variety of techniques from indigenous cultures to the basis of core shamanism.

As well as facilitating my own courses, trainings and workshops in shamanism, I am also an international certified teacher and practitioner trainer, as well as an administration staff member with The Shaman College based in the United Kingdom.

All of this knowledge and experience has given me a deep understanding of healing, within the human psyche, the soul, and the emotional bodies which enables me to find the most appropriate healing techniques for each individual, allowing them to return to wholeness and full empowerment.