Ancestral Healing

Ancestral Healing

Ancestral wounding is caused by the energetic ties to our past ancestors who endured hardships, pain and emotional traumas during their lifetime but were unable to resolve them prior to their death, resulting in these energetic wounds being passed down the ancestral linage from one generation to the next.

Similar to like many of our own soul’s, which can carry pains and experiences from one lifetime into the next our families do as well, and as the newest members of our lineage we have agreed to take on some of these burdens during our soul contract negotiations into our own lives with the hope that we may be able to resolve some of these issues.

From a shamanic point of view any unresolved family traumas, even from the distant past can cause energetic obstacles and roadblocks in the present day that can cause a disconnect to our true self, our happiness and our well being.

These ties often feel like a curse, and can be so strong that they leave us with feelings of being stuck in our life with the repetition of continuous cycles that seem to have no way out or no end. These cycles often can manifest into various disorders and family diseases.


Each family can carry cycles of similar issues such as:

  • Alcoholism/ Addiction
  • Heart disease
  • Cancer
  • Depression
  • Sexual Abuse
  • Eating disorders and/or Obesity
  • Feeling stuck in one’s life

We all have fears that we are turning into our parents, and if you have noticed the repeating of patterns from one generation to the next, ancestral healing may be for you.

Ancestral healing can break the reoccurring ancestral patterns that hold us in the now opening us up to new potentials to clear the slate for us, our children and their future descendants.


Benefits of Ancestral Healing:

  • The breaking of ancestral obstacles that bind us
  • Recovery from illness and physical limitations
  • A new spaciousness in life
  • Reconnection of family members who may not of spoken for sometime or a deeper understanding and acceptance of the clans situation
  • Realization of ones life purpose and new found drive for it
  • Releasing of patterns / behaviours that no longer serve us