Courses & Workshops

Courses and Workshops

The Practices of the Shaman – How to exist more Shamanically in our Modern World

Shamanism is humanities oldest spiritual practice and there is no doubt that it is being called upon again for us to recapture our sacred relationship with the earth and more importantly ourselves and our fellow man. This course not only teaches you these ancient practices but how to infuse them into our modern world as you too can live a more shamanic existence.

In this 9 part online program you will discover the powerful ways of the shaman as you delve into the most ancient psycho-spiritual path of human self-discovery and empowerment.

You will learn ceremony, rituals, self healing techniques and shamanic practices, that enable you to deeply connect to all living beings through the web of life..

You will be able to delve into such practices as the Shamanic Soul flight: as you learn to access and receive guidance from your spirit helpers through the intrinsic practice of the shamanic journey; you will discover what your power animal really is, and how the retrieval of this animal spirit helper enlivens and restores the latent power within your spirit.

You’ll have the chance to meet your true self.. your sacred essence that has lived many times before it took up residence in your current incarnation and how this meeting enables us all to live more aligned to our soul’s path and gives you the opportunity to fulfil your soul’s contract.

You will even discover how to open up your innate shamanic senses to connect and receive teachings from nature.

This comprehensive introductory course includes:

  • 9 Units of online face to face instruction. With once a month virtual class meet ups, PDF writings and essential shamanic practices and homework
  • A personal instructor to support you every step of the way
  • Tuition $2000.00
  • Shamanic Rattle & Smudging Kits also available for additional costs

This course is not designed as a complete practitioner training, but is more geared towards the person seeking to heal and fully empower themselves as they begin to return to wholeness and live a more conscious connected way of living with the earth and their fellow beings whilst learning the foundation basics of a shamanic practitioner for their own spiritual growth.

It is the first step to safely build a solid foundation in shamanic practices and a shamanic way of life, to heal thy self so you are able to move forward if desired or called to be of service to others through the healing arts.

If this is not your calling, this course will no doubt bring benefit to your own healing and empowerment as you become a more connected, enlightened member of society.. This is exactly what our planet needs at this time.


Alternatively this course is available as a 7 day Intensive Residential Retreat in Bali 2019.

Take your healing and personal growth to the next level with natural born initiated Shaman and International practitioner instructor Daniel Raccani, as you immerse yourself in the most powerful and transformative retreat submersing yourself in humankinds oldest spiritual practice as you connect with your true self and your very own spirit guides.

As this is an intensive training, please contact me if interested for details as numbers are limited and an application process may apply.


The Doorway Walker

This 2 day introductory workshop into the way of the shaman requires no journeying experience and is aimed at the beginner or persons interested in learning shamanism or communicating with their spirit guides.

Learn how the shaman walks through the doorways and portals to the other worlds and travels between these realms to interact with spirit allies and their own spirit teachers, like the ascended masters.

This is the fundamental basics of the shamanic soul journey.

Course outline Includes

  • Smudging and opening ceremonial space
  • Finding your portals and pathways to other realms
  • Safety and ethics as a foundation
  • Meeting your Power Animal
  • Receiving a teaching from nature
  • Lessons from your spirit guide
  • Meeting your True Self