Sometimes energies known as spiritual intrusions become lodged in the human auric field. This causes localized trauma and is experienced physically through discomfort, illness or emotionally through fear and anger.

If left untreated these can overtime manifest and have secondary effects on a person’s life through pain complaints, social problems or psychological issues.

Whilst in a trance the Shamanic Practitioner with the assistance of a spirit guide can locate these intrusions and remove them from the energy field. The Shaman will do this in a number of ways. He will transmute the negative energy and then fill the void with harmonious healing energy. Once this is done the shaman will then seal off the client’s energy field.

Why Intrusions occur

  • Psychic Attack
  • Hostile Thoughts
  • Negative Thoughts and or Emotions
  • Criticism
  • Heavy/Dense Energetic Imprints
  • Curses


Spirit release or compassionate de-possession frees one’s own energy field of spirit attachments. These may have become entangled in your energy field and are overshadowing your thoughts, emotions, behaviors and even memories. This is generally known as “possession illness”.

If a spirit or entity attachment has been present for some time, we may not be able to differentiate the thoughts, emotions and behaviors as being separate from our own.

Physical/Mental/Emotional symptoms of Spirit Attachment and or being Overshadowed include:

  • Noticeable but sometimes subtle changes in behavior or personality
  • Unfamiliar reactions to familiar situations
  • Sudden onset of unusual cravings, compulsions and or addictions
  • Confusion
  • Apathy/Procrastination
  • Illness
  • Feeling another presence within or around you
  • Feeling constantly tired and unnaturally drained of energy
  • Sudden onset of acute anxiety or depression
  • Memory lapses or past life recollections that are not your own

During the compassionate de-possession the shamanic practitioner works to convince the attached discarnate spirit that it would benefit from leaving it’s host and transcending to it’s next stage of existence. This enables the person to begin their work in regaining wholeness and empowerment.


Cording is known as energy links being bound or attached in some way to another being, living or deceased.

This generally occurs in dysfunctional relationships, indicated by extremely positive or negative feelings for someone. Often where the dynamic is unbalanced and unhealthy this prevents either party from being able to comfortably express themselves in their own full powerful.

Uncording or the ‘cutting of cords’, is where the shamanic practitioner will detach/severe the energetic cords between two people. Thus freeing each person from fearful attachment and allowing full power to return to the individual/s.