Shamanic Distance Healing

Shamanic Distance Healing

Time and space are relative in the Shamanic belief system, just as they are comparable to the time and space that is talked of in science within the field of Quantum Physics.

Basically this means time is not set in stone but flexible and changeable. This  allows the shamanic healer through distance healing to journey to where the client is in everyday reality. The shaman is able to perform the healing work on the client in a similar fashion, as to what they would do if they were together in the physical form.

The distance healing work that I specialize in is:

  • Soul Retrieval,
  • Power Animal Retrieval
  • De-cording (energy cord removal)

I do offer a number of other healing modalities in distance work but this is a case by case scenario. This will only be considered at the time for each individual.

Due to the complexity of this type of healing work there needs to be in-depth communication prior to the work commencing. This will be to organize the healing time, what is actually required and any considerations to safety and ethical dilemmas.

We incorporate Facetime or Skype into these sessions. All sessions are to be paid 24hrs prior to the day that the healing work is due to commence.