I came to Daniel from a place of personal desperation and a hint of skepticism, given my professional role as a psychologist.

The work he provided was nothing short of miraculous and I still am in awe of what lies in the unseen and how it can affect us all. 
Daniel has a real commitment and care for his clients in supporting their well-being both in the lead up, during and after his work has been done. His relaxed and light personality is a reassuring complement to what is felt at times, like serious hardship. 

My deepest gratitude is extended to him. I believe others can benefit greatly from him should they choose to be open, keep faith and trust unwaveringly.

Anonymous (Sydney, NSW)

Daniel has been my shaman teacher for the past two years. It has been an amazing journey thanks to him. In this modern age there are many who call themselves shamans but really do not posses the knowledge, talent, skills, and gifts of a shaman.

What I love about Daniel’s teaching style is that he understands every individual is different and therefore their skills, gifts and talents are different, so he works with his students based on what is best for the growth as a shaman and what skills and training is needed for each student. He truly cares about his students well being and guides them through their path of becoming a shaman whether they are doing it for their individual healing or to become practitioners.

Also his style of teaching allows for the student to understand the material yet to be able to apply their own individual touch. I feel truly blessed and grateful for having him as my shaman teacher.

Atousa Raissyan (Potomac, Maryland)

When it comes to serving as a teacher for online Shamanic Studies, the instructor must be able to go much deeper with the student because of the absence of physical presence.

Dan has served as my instructor, mentor, and my friend throughout my journey to become certified as a Shamanic Practitioner. Despite the distance between us on the globe, his wisdom as a wise and gifted Shaman has blessed me with a strong foundation to stand upon during my personal training and experiences. The depth of his understanding and skill continues to astound me as I have advanced through Shamanic studies. His professionalism, intuition, and gifts as a healer are profound.

I believe there are people we are destined to meet in a lifetime that are aligned to assist us as teachers when we are ready. Dan has served in that role and I am immensely grateful for his professional wisdom and his support as I continue to awaken my latent love and commitment to Shamanism.

If there is an open door that leads to Dan serving as a teacher or a healer, it is truly a blessed gift. Walk through the door with confidence and gratitude. Dan will introduce you to wisdom and healing that is beyond your earthly dreams.

Jody Gust (Sioux Falls, South Dakota)

I have been mentored by Daniel for the past 2 years and under his mentorship I have received a tremendous amount of knowledge on shamanism. Not only is he extremely knowledgeable but he has taught me how to discover and use my gifts as a healer by trusting how to work with the spiritual world.

Daniel is the extremely patient and yet holds high demands during teachings, so you can expect you are learning and growing every minute of its way with him. His always willing to answer questions and give extra support when needed.  His journey and experience leading him to this work makes Daniel an an amazing teacher.

His an incredible leader, healer, but most importantly extremely caring.

Norma  (Norwalk, California)

“ I came to see Daniel when I was pregnant with my first child, having a torrid relationship with my mother and just finishing reading about ancestral karma.
I did not want the same relationship with my child that I have had with my mother. Upon seeing Daniel and having my first initial consult I felt very comfortable and knew that I was in good hands, his incredible knowledge and amazingly accurate intuition for my healing plan was beyond amazing and mind blowing really. To set a long story short I had 6 sessions with Daniel where he found I had soul loss from an early age due to being disconnected from my estranged mother, I needed a chakra illumination as a couple of them had shut down and we also did some soul work to strengthen the soul parts returned along with a power animal retrieval.

How this benefited me was I had an amazing pregnancy I felt very empowered, my husband and I  birthed our  baby empowered and I am the amazing mother to my child that I had always hoped to be. My husband has even noticed a vast difference to the woman I used to be. Thank you Daniel for showing me and giving me the tools to be an empowered woman for my growing family. 

Tash  (Gold Coast, QLD)

“ For anyone like me that has lost faith in the conventional way of healing… I can highly recommend Daniel Raccani!

I decided to visit Daniel firstly for some chakra healing because I had a total lack of energy and was feeling quite depressed and I was still trying to recover from a broken kneecap. From my very first meeting I felt safe and comfortable with him. He explains everything that was about to happen and what to expect afterwards. Since then I had 3 more sessions, and now I feel amazing!!! I have so much more energy and am now achieving so many things that I previously kept putting off. But the most amazing change was the total lack of debilitating pain from my knee. Now after many doctors and specialists, I can finally walk without a limp after almost 2 years! Many Thanks again Daniel 🙂 

Janine  (Ocean Shores- NSW )

“ We absolutely loved our shamanic naming day. The ceremony was beautiful and many of our guests commented how much they enjoyed it. Dan was very easy to work with and ensured the ceremony reflected who we are. We are very happy we chose to do a ceremony such as this to welcome our precious one into this world’. 

Alana & Heath John  (Alexandria, Sydney- NSW)

“ I recomend anyone who has experienced life crisis to go and see Dan. Before having my sessions with Dan I was quite depressed, stressed and suffered from severe anxiety, having seen a number of counsellors and seeming not to come out of the black hole I was in, a friend of mine suggested I go down a holistic route. I must admit I am quite sceptical about the holistic approach but I thought I would give it a shot. I found Dan to be down to earth, easy to talk to and very informative of the process we were about to embark on if I agreed to the healing plan. After the first session a couple of days in I noticed a significant shift in my emotional state, by the end of my healing plan I felt a million bucks. Feeling like a new man I could not recommend Dan enough, his work is life changing. 

Colin  (Tallebudgera, QLD)

“ Wanting to see a shaman practitioner for a while and not being able to find one in my local area I turned my search to being online. I searched a handful of practitioners I was interested in contacting but kept coming back to Daniel’s website. On contacting Daniel (who was quick and helpful to answer my questions) we organised a time that suited both Australian and time in Denmark for distant healing. Not sure what to expecting I woke the next day feeling astounding and full of energy. I contacted Daniel to advice of my dreams I had that night of my distant healing. I like that Daniel also included a Facetime one-to-one beforehand in the lead up to healing to discuss divination that he found and what healing I needed. I could not recommend enough Daniel for his service. Thank You Daniel 

Marna  (Copenhagen, DENMARK – Distance Healing)

“ I recently attended a Basic Journey weekend workshop with Daniel. I thoroughly enjoyed myself, I have been interested in Shamanism since I came back from Peru. Upon returning back to Australia I started looking for a shaman and was delighted when I came across Golden Age Healings . I found Daniel to be very informative, lighthearted and he was able to explain the process and directions clearly. I found it a little hard to journey at the start but with some extra support, reassurance and direction from Daniel and the group by the second day I was journeying with no troubles. I even got to meet my power animal and my spirit teacher.. I really enjoyed the group dynamic and size (8/10 people) it was an intimate, safe and sacred space held by all. I would highly recommend going to one of these workshops run by Daniel, he is a gifted Shaman and really has a profound and lovely energy to be around. 

Gina  (St.Kilda, Victoria)

My family hired Daniel to help with my father’s passing and spiritual care in his last days. We found Daniel to be very compassionate, professional and inclusive of all the family’s needs in such a difficult time. In my father’s final hours it was my families wish to hold a scared circle of love and warmth for my father who was lucid and dying so that he may feel at peace. Daniel prepared the circle, called the directions, and our ancestral spirits, gave us guidance and drummed softly as we all said our goodbyes. The energy in the room was amazing, my father looked so at peace and ready to go. In what should have been a most difficult time was actually made quite empowering for each family member and especially my father who left this earth peacefully, consciously and guided by spirit. Thank you Daniel from our family to yours for being so loving, compassionate and always being able to come when my father needed you the most.


“ Over the past 6 months Daniel has helped me to open to the truth of who “I AM”. Through breathwork, counselling, shamanic rituals and spiritual healing he has guided me through the release of negative beliefs and past traumas which have been impacting on my life for a long time.

I believe Daniel to be a deeply spiritual man, highly intuitive and passionate about what he does. I trust him and would recommend him to anyone who wants to heal themselves.

As a result of his sessions I experience more lightness and am more connected to the love and wisdom that is my true essence. Thank You. 

Linda (Uki – NSW)

“ A yoga teacher for beginners, ex-enthusiasts and for those who have built a towering psychological way between themselves and yoga and using the usual modern day excuses: won’t be able to keep up with the rest of the class (classes are tailored to suit your level/body ailments and are one on one or small group of friends), Don’t have enough time in the day (classes can be home delivered at your convenience), Costs to much (are tailored to suit all budgets). So for those procrastinators out there who have been saying for years “time to start yoga” well that time is now, because those weak excuses don’t hold up anymore and you ain’t getting any younger. Well technically you are only as young as your spine is flexible, so just maybe with one phone call to Dan and a little will power. 

Gene  (South Golden Beach – NSW)